Discovery phase

The first step is the Discovery Phase, where the goal is to learn as much as possible about the client's business from both the owner and the employees. This will require asking lots of questions, visiting the facilities, analyzing financials, examining sales and marketing, and gaining an understanding of the company's mission and operations.

Evaluation phase

The second step takes place after an in-depth study has given us a good understanding of the business. Here the goal is to identify where change may be needed as well as pointing out the company's strengths and weaknesses. During this step we hope to point out any problems discovered by an objective look from our perspective. We will be searching for opportunities to grow business, increase profits, and boost efficiency.

Implementation phase

During this phase the owner and Thrive consulting will work together to structure and implement the agreed upon plan. This will include communicating with employees and making them a part of the process, to implement the necessary improvements.

Areas of primary focus

  • Revenues

  • Earnings

  • ​Market Share

  • Trends

  • Product Quality

  • Employee Moral/ Turnover

  • Customer Satisfaction

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